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[breaking news website] Boshi Dekkang Dekang's "Express"

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  The "running" on the diversified road has also allowed Boshi to ascend to the "dangerous situation".Bosideng's high -end transformation is also starting with this experience.

  Text | "Chinese Entrepreneurs" reporter Tan Liping

  The founder of Boshi, Gao Dekang, was slightly sideways, with a straight body, put one hand on the side of the left pants pocket, and put one hand on the right knee.In the half -hour shooting, he almost maintained this posture.During the shooting, the photographer who cooperated with him many times would remind him from time to time to adjust his posture. He may hope that he is more natural.

  Faced with the camera, Gao Dekang will unconsciously enter a state of "tension".In this state, the decibels of his speaking voice will be greater than usual.He cared for his "perfect image" -he walked from the upstairs office to the exhibition hall on the fourth floor downstairs. Although it was only the next floor, he still wore a long black windbreaker jacket.Following a few subordinates behind me -quite big brother.

  After the seat, he took off the trench coat and exposed a blue suit top and jeans of the same color. The suit jacket specially put on a rose red pocket scarf.

  From the appearance point of view, his hair is black and fluffy, and his body is well -proportioned. He cannot see the actual age.At the age of 71, he is still active on the front line.The night before being interviewed by "Chinese Entrepreneurs", he just returned to Changshu from outside.

  Bosideng, who founded, established the strategic direction of "focusing on the main channel and focusing on the main brand" in 2018. After the mid -to -high -end transformation, the brand voice continued to increase, and the performance was also declining, and the continued growth of revenue profits.However, with some controversy, in recent periods, Boshi appeared on hot search for problems such as "advertising costs" and "high price".This winter, the price of down jackets is expensive to become a hot topic again. "It is not that down jackets cannot afford it, but the military coat is more cost -effective." It has become a mantra for young people.What do Gao Dekang and Bosin in market disputes and demand think?

  In Gao Dekang's view, there is still huge market development space in the down jacket market. From the perspective of the enterprise, difficulties and challenges are at any time. The most important thing is to "do a good job of yourself."

  Gao Dekang said that since its entrepreneurship, Bosideng insisted on "cannot be sold in the wholesale market", saying that "must lock high -quality channels."In the past five years, in order to adapt to the brand's high -end strategy, the traditional channels have been optimized internally, and they have abandoned the direction of the past and second -tier cities.Essence

  At the same time, it is also exploring the new new retail operation model to increase the proportion of online retail sales.He revealed that in Double Eleven this year, Bosideng won the first sales of Tmall Women's clothing, the second men's clothing, Tmall single -store sales first, and the sales of Jingdong clothing and Vipshop clothing also ranked first.

  Entrepreneurship: "Enjoy running"

  Starting from Shanghai Hongqiao Station, you can reach the Bosideon Industrial Park in Changshu City along the high -speed drive for about 1 hour.In a low -oriented area, Bosidin's headquarters building up to 21 floors is particularly conspicuous.

  On a working day in December, at 9 am, two long lines were lined up in the building of the Bosideng headquarters, mainly young people, from the entrance to the elevator entrance. They were all waiting for the elevator employees.

  In this gas -faction building, there are two floors used as an exhibition room, which displays many "physical evidence" that has difficulty entrepreneurs in the early days: old bicycles, "antique -level" sewing machines, electric iron, business trips, account settlement settlement settlementsurface……

  Photography: Tan Liping

  For example, the sewing machine records the past of Gao Dekang's "small tailor".After dropping out of school in junior high school in his family, Gao Dekang learned the sewing technology with his team's father.As a craftsman, the fastest, he can make a pair of women's pants in 14 minutes, make a set of Zhongshan clothing in 45 minutes, and make a female shirt in 20 minutes.

  In a larger exhibition hall, a "mountain peak" is built in three dimensions, and through the design of the stairs, it creates a "atmosphere" of mountaineering, which is the origin of Ga Dekang's entrepreneurial.

  On May 27, 1975, the Chinese mountaineering team measured the height of the rock surface of Mount Everest 8848.13 meters for the first time.In the same year, Gao Dekang went to the door to make clothes for a professor at Shikumen, Shanghai, and saw the news."At that time, the spiritual beliefs of the team members had a hard time and climbing Everest's spiritual beliefs. It was also the first time that the functionality and professionalism of down jackets had been impressed. At that timeGao Dekang said.

  As a result, in the autumn of 1976, in Changshu Baiyu Town, 11 farmers' tailor artists, with 8 sewing machines as the bottom, opened the early entrepreneurial road of "Bosideng".At that time, the sewing group of the village office was only made of clothes for the villagers in Shili Baxiang at first. After that, Gao Dekang began to ride a bicycle to pull orders in Shanghai to gradually carry out foundry business.

  At the same time as foundry, Gao Dekang did not forget his original ambition.In 1992, Gao Dekang registered the "Bosideng" trademark, ready to participate in market competition with independent brands.Gao Dekang emphasized that not only registered trademarks in China at that time, but also registered international trademarks in 68 countries and regions in 68 countries and regions in the United States, Canada, and Switzerland -that is, when the independent brand was founded, he positioned the goals of development.For the global market.

  Gao Dekang has a strong personality, and he often hangs "not afraid of difficulties and fights forever".In 1994, Gao Dekang began to try to explore the northern market with the independent brand "Bosideng", which was the first entrepreneurial crisis he encountered.After going to the north, until the winter was about to end, the 230,000 down jackets produced by the factory sold only 80,000 pieces.In the end, the full backlog of more than 20 million yuan of products was in the warehouse, and the bank's 8 million yuan loan was owed. The company reached the juncture of life and death.

  Gao Dekang rushed to the Northeast to investigate and discovered the common problem of down jackets at that time: too bloated, lacking lightweight comfort and fashion.As a result, he carried out some columns of the color, fabric, style, version, and craftsmanship of down jackets.In the summer of 1995, the anti -season sales were innovatively launched in Wangfujing, Beijing, and sold 25,000 down jackets in two months, with a repayment of 5 million yuan.As a result, the company turned danger into a machine. In 1995, the sales of Boshiba down jacket reached the number one in the country.

  By 1998, Gao Dekang's vow was realized.In May of that year, the Chinese mountaineering team members wore Boson down jacket to the top of Everest.After that, Bosideng followed the North and North Pole Examinations team."We named the exhibition hall as Dengfeng, and launched the peak series down jackets. I hope that everyone can see that we have the ability to make such down jackets. This is a proof of our innovative ability; on the other handFeelings, it symbolizes our peak dreams of choosing high, climbing the peak, and competing forever. "Gao Dekang said.

  Although it is 71 years old, Gao Dekang is still on the front line.He said, "This is the common spirit of our generation of entrepreneurs.

  In addition to work, Gao Dekang loves calligraphy and driving. The former allows him to calm down when he is busy, and the latter is a rush from the entrepreneurial period.When he started his business at first, he rode a "permanent brand" bicycle every day, traveled to Changshu, Shanghai -pulling single delivery, 200 kilometers of Shizi Road, plus more than 100 pounds of clothing fabrics, "very difficult to ride, often 5 o'clock in the morning, often 5 o'clock in the morningGo out, you can get home in the middle of the night. "

  In 1983, Gao Dekang had the first motorcycle. Although it was more convenient, the number of times was more frequent, and it took twice or even three times a day in Shanghai and Changshu."In the five years from 1983 to 1987, I rode six motorcycles until I bought a car."He "enjoyed the feeling of rushing", this hobby has continued to this day.

  Return: from diversification to down jacket

  However, the "running" on the diversified road has also allowed Boshi to ascend to the "dangerous situation".Bosideng's high -end transformation is also starting with this experience.

  It was around 2014, and Posndon suffered a "pinch" from inside and outside.From the perspective of the external environment, the rise of e -commerce has impacted traditional brands. At the same time, the rapidly growing foreign brands have exacerbated market competition; on the other hand, the low -end homogeneity competition in the clothing industry itself has made the inventory problem more seriousEssence

  From the perspective of the enterprise itself, after the listing of Hong Kong in 2007, Bosideng was eager to make a large scale. He wanted to use this to resolve the risk of "watching the sky for dinner", so he began to diversify.Boshon once expanded its business to many fields such as men's, women's clothing, and children's clothing, but as Ga Dekang said, "due to limited resources, everything is destined to do everything."

  The financial report shows that in the past few years, Bosidin's net profit continued to decline, from 1.437 billion yuan in fiscal 2011 to the performance of 132 million yuan in the 2014 fiscal year, a decrease of 76%.It was not until fiscal 2020 that net profit returned to the highest level in the past.

  "Due to the changes in the consumer demand and trend of the market and consumers, Bosideng has become" clothes worn by Mom and Dad ", which has led to the decline in brand cognitive aging, brand potential energy, and the gradually farther in the mainstream users of the times." Gao DekangDescribe the situation at the time.

  Bodiden's "climbing" exhibition hall.Photography: Tan Liping

  At the end of 2017, Gao Dekang decided to "return to the heart" -the main brand, focusing on the main brand, that is, returning to down jacket categories, and establishing a brand strategic positioning of "global hot -selling down jacket experts".

  According to Gao Dekang, the change mainly focuses on reshaping brand power, product power, and retail power.In terms of brands, Bosideng participated in the national brand event exhibition through the exhibition of New York, Milan, and London Fashion Week to strengthen the brand's potential energy.

  In terms of products, Bosideng began to cooperate with many well -known designers to launch joint series products, and invited stars such as Yang Mi, Xiao Zhan, Yi Xi Qianxi, Gu Ailing and other stars to endorse their products;, Protection, environmental protection and other functional systems have developed new categories such as high -end outdoor and skiing.

  In terms of retail, Boshi focuses on the construction of offline channels for first -tier and second -tier cities.Adopting the strategy of opening a large shop closing shop, closing the small shops with lower pings, setting up flagship stores in the landmark business districts in first -tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and upgrading the image of the core business district.At the same time, it is an online e -commerce.

  At the same time, Bosideng is also using digital tools to promote digital transformation."We integrate big data into key links such as the actual R & D, procurement and manufacturing, warehousing and logistics, retail operations, and user services of the enterprise, and realized the consumer -centric supply and marketing services centered on consumer -centric.The efficiency has been greatly improved, "Gao Dekang said.

  Gao Dekang referred to this "turning crisis into a machine", "the second entrepreneurial" of Bosideng.Through this change, Gao Dekang got experience after learning from profound lessons.He said: "First of all, we must focus on focusing, focusing limited and high -quality resources on clear goals; secondly, we must grow up with consumers of the times."

  "Brands and users are the greatest danger of enterprise development." Ga Dekang believes that brands need to continue to innovate, always embracing new trends and hugging young consumers.

  Price: high -end problem

  In recent years, thanks to the high -end transformation of Poise's focus on down jacket brands, the company's performance has continued to increase.According to the latest financial report data, the first half of the fiscal year in 2023/24, Bosideng Group's revenue was 20.9%to about 7.471 billion yuan; the group's net profit increased by 25.1%to about 918 million yuan.The Group's revenue and net profit have reached a record high for 6 consecutive years.

  However, at the public level, issues such as the increasingly higher and higher price of down jackets, and whether domestic brands have really achieved high -end and other issues have often caused heated discussions.

  Rui Jinsong, President of the Bosideng Brand Division, revealed at the performance briefing of November 2021: "In the future, the price of Bosideng down jacket will continue to rise. The average price in 2017 is about 1,000 yuan, and the average price of 2020 will be around 1600 yuan. In the futureMore than 2000 yuan. "

  This means that high prices will continue.Recently, Mei Dongtan, the executive director and executive president of Posndon, said that this topic said that the core main price belt of Bosideng is 1,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, which is the same as last year.

  Mei Dong further stated that the cost of down jackets does show a trend of upward price increase from the perspective of the industry, but the company has adopted a combination strategy such as annual procurement and strategic cooperation. At present, the cost of some products has maintained the level of last year without growth.Glip increase.

  目前,反映科研创新的最新新闻研发费用并未在波司登财报中做详细披露,但可以看到,best rep shoes最新新闻包含广告和宣传费用在内的分销开支却同比增长25%,截至2023年9月的PK God6个月,已Expenditure is 2.03 billion yuan.

  Looking back at the transformation in the past few years, Gao Dekang believes that on the one hand, Bosideng's brand has been improved significantly, and has won the recognition and choice of consumers in the new era; on the other hand, the operating performance has also increased a relatively steady growth.

  However, from the current heated discussions on Bosideng, taking the mid -to -high -end route is not only expensive, but also to allow the brand's brand power and product power to support the high price and let consumers truly agree.

  In the textile and apparel base with a complete industrial chain and a large scale of transactions, many locals have engaged in the business of clothing production or sales, and have a lot of experience in fabrics, costs, and craftsmanship.Some locals are puzzled by many high -priced down jackets on the market and believe that "the price and quality and service are separated."

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